About Conference

Educators are constantly exploring new pedagogical approaches to engage learners and meet their divergent needs. The conference offers professional development opportunities to English language educators in different fields including teaching, literature, and translation. It provides the participants with various opportunities to develop a national perspective through the exchange of ideas and practices by integrating their knowledge of current trends in the field in lively interactive sessions. This conference will give you the opportunity to upgrade your knowledge through greater interaction with experts in the field.  You not only learn and enhance your knowledge but you will be empowered to practice what your learnt.

Listen to the latest research findings, present your work before a national audience, build new relationships, and join the national language community.

 It can be a platform for educators and language professionals to share their insights and practices as well as discuss current trends regarding English Language Teaching, Literature, and Translation. The organizers invite submissions of papers, complete or in progress, from any area that approach the conference theme


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