Acceptance Notification Email

The committee will begin the reviewing process for the submitted abstracts since Azar 1st, 1394 and will release the acceptance announcement progressively. We will send notification emails to all authors concerning the acceptance or rejection of their abstracts/proposals, starting from Dey 1st, 1394. Due to the large number of emails we have to send, we do request your patience and understanding. Please kindly keep an eye on your inbox as well as your SPAM box as our email (i.e. gmail) might be considered as spam by your email provider.

IF AND ONLY IF revision of your abstract/poster/paper is required by the reviewer through his/her comments, there would be notification in your mailbox. Else, if you did not receive any notification for revision, etc. you should consider that you simply need to wait for the final “acceptance/rejection” decision on your abstract/poster/paper.

We really appreciate your attention and understanding.

ELTLT committee

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